The Amazing Race on This Wonderful World!

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Points: 0.30 (partial)
Time limit: 1.0s
Memory limit: 256M
Input: stdin
Output: stdout

Problem type
Allowed languages
C, C++, Go, Java, Kotlin, Pascal, PyPy, Python, Rust, Scratch

Once again, Megumin — an expert wizard in explosion magic — is challenged by Yunyun — an advanced wizard who claims to be Megumin's rival. As always, Megumin is the one who chooses the challenge, and her challenges are always bizarre.

To prepare for the challenge, each wizard will conjure up a turtle and a snail. Each turtle will have a shell length of ~10\text{ cm}~. Each snail has a length that is negligible, and can be considered as a point particle. After conjuring, each wizard will place the snail on the tail of their turtle.


Illustration for the first example test, with ~tm=30~, ~sm=2~, ~ty=29~, ~sy=1~. The red and black turtles are Megumin's and Yunyun's, respectively. The yellow and pink dots on the backs of the turtles represent Megumin's and Yunyun's snails, respectively. The dashed lines on the turtles' backs represent the limit of the snails' movement.

This time, Megumin's challenge is a race. The race track is a straight line with a length of ~100\text{ cm}~. The two wizards place their turtles at the starting line, so that the turtles face the finish line, and the snails are ~100\text{ cm}~ away from the finish line. When the race starts, the two turtles will move continuously in a straight line towards the finish line. The two snails will also move on the turtles' shells towards the finish line, but will stop when they have reached the end of the turtle's shell. The winner of this race is the one whose snail reaches the finish line at the ~100\text{ cm}~ mark first.

Megumin has conjured a turtle and a snail with speeds of ~t_m~ (cm/minute) and ~s_m~ (cm/minute), respectively. Yunyun has conjured a turtle and a snail with speeds of ~t_y~ (cm/minute) and ~s_y~ (cm/minute), respectively. Find out who wins the race.


The first line contains an integer ~t~ (~1 \le t \le 10\,000~) — the number of test cases. Each test case will be described as follows.

Each test case consists of a single line containing ~4~ positive integers ~t_m~, ~s_m~, ~t_y~, and ~s_y~ (~1 \le t_m, s_m, t_y, s_y \le 100~) — the speeds of Megumin's turtle and snail, and the speeds of Yunyun's turtle and snail.


For each test case, output:

  • "Yunyun" (without quotes) if Yunyun wins the race.

  • "Megumin" (without quotes) if Megumin wins the race.

  • "Draw" (without quotes) if both snails reach the finish line at the same time.


If you solve this problem, you will receive ~1000~ points.

Sample Input 1

30 2 29 1
30 1 29 2
29 3 30 1
21 3 20 5
45 5 45 10
21 3 20 5
3 1 3 7

Sample Output 1



The first example is illustrated in the problem statement.

The second example has ~tm=30~, ~sm=1~, ~ty=29~, ~sy=2~. In this example, both snails reach the finish line at the same time, so the result is a draw.


Illustration for the second example

The third example has ~tm=29~, ~sm=3~, ~ty=30~, ~sy=1~. In this example, although Megumin's turtle is slower, her snail is much faster, so Megumin wins the race.


Illustration for the third example


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